Dynamics NAV 2015 – What’s New


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is a complete ERP software solution and released this week on the 15th September 2014. This article describes the new features of Dynamics NAV 2015 which are introduced or enhanced since Dynamics NAV 2013 R2.

Some of the features may require more explanation. Follow the links to detailed descriptions in separate articles.

Dynamics NAV 2015 features

Simplified User Experience (UX)

Microsoft provides a set of simplified pages and objects under the name Simplified UX. This provides simplifications to the standard user interface, focused on the basic sales and purchase processes. It is created mainly to support smaller businesses.

Simplified UX contains:

  • All objects in the 13xx range
  • New Role Center 9022 made for Small Business
  • More than 60 pages are simplified

Other nice Simplified UX changes:

Office 365 Integration

  • It is now possible to send certain documents directly from the page as email.

  • Tools for single Sign On (SSO) setup
  • Lync in NAV web client

Reports in Dynamics NAV 2015

Microsoft took a big step on Reports and Layouts again. (To be continued)

  • Managing and Creating Report Layouts
  • Scheduling Reports
  • New Document Reports
  • Word Report Layouts

Expressive Tiles on Role Center

The tiles on the Role Center provide a visual representation of business data and key performance indicators (KPI’s). It’s now possible to configure the Cue with colors and images for indication. Also the data is configurable. For example, you can set the number of decimals, a currency sign or %.

Read more about the enhanced cues here.

NAV tablet client

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 the Tablet Client is introduced. The Tablet Client allows users to access Dynamics NAV from a portable device. Basically the tablet client shows (html) pages the same way as for the Web Client.

Financial Related

There are some additional changes also made within the area of finance, for example:

  • Bank Data Conversion Service

    This provides services to convert bank data to any file format that your bank supports or requires by default.

  • SEPA CAMT Bank Statement Import
  • Data Exchange Framework
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 provides a framework to make it easy for users to import or export files with bank data, payroll data etc.
  • Simplified Payment Reconciliation
  • Improvements for Payment Export
  • Using Due Date as Posting Date in Payment Journal
  • Verify VAT Registration Numbers
  • Certificates of Supply for VAT Reporting

RapidStart Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

It is now possible to convert and map values from an existing ERP system into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It’s also possible to clean up and process the data during import.

Features for Developers

  • Non-Default property values are bolded in Development Environment
  • To be continued
  • More features for Developers are explained on the blogs of Arend-Jan Kauffmann and Luc van Vugt.

Dynamics NAV 2015 is available for download on Microsoft Partner source.

This article is a “living” document. It is possible that I add more details to it based on user experience. Since Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is released just now, I did not test every feature in detail.

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