New in Dynamics NAV 2015 – Total and Discount Amounts on Sales and Purchase Documents


Dynamics NAV 2015 is launched and has quite a few new features. One of them is called Application Simplification.

Total and Discount Amounts on Sales and Purchase Documents is one of the Simplification items in Dynamics NAV 2015 as part of what Microsoft calls Simplified UX. Simplified UX also contains:

  • Auto Filled No. Fields
  • Mandatory Fields
  • Simplified Pages

Read more about the new features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 here.


With Totals on Documents it is now very easy to check if the order has been filled in correctly and as expected. For purchase invoice this can also make checking both Total and VAT amounts easier.

Total Amounts

To always have an overview of the current total invoice amount and discount amount, five FlowFields are placed under the Lines section on all active and posted sales and purchase documents:

  • Total Excl. VAT (LCY)
  • Total VAT (LCY)
  • Total Incl. VAT (LCY)
  • Invoice Discount Amount
  • Invoice Discount %

As you can see the Totals are shown based on the Order Lines which I entered on this Sales Quote. The field

It is possible to enter an Invoice Discount Amount here, which instantly recalculates the Totals:

After Sending & Posting the Sales Order we will find the same Discount and Totals on the Posted Sales Invoice.

This also applies for other Sales documents and Purchase Documents.

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