New in Dynamics NAV 2015 – Sending Documents as Email


Dynamics NAV 2015 is launched and has quite a few new features. One of them the functionality to be able to send Documents as Email. A feature many people have been waiting for.

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Send your Sales Documents directly by Email from the Document Page, and attach you own message to it.

Sending Documents as Email

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV it is now possible to send sales quotes, sales orders, sales invoices, credit memos, and reminders as email. From each of these pages, there is an email button that allows users to send the document attached to an email directly from that page. It is possible to add a personal (short) message as well.

Configure SMTP Mail Setup for Office 365 by setting the SMTP server to and the SMTP port to 587.

Example: send Sales Quote as Email

On top of the Sales Quote page the button “Email” is added.

Dynamics NAV 2015 Sales Quote

In the pop-up window you can now enter the Email address of the recipient (standard it is filled with the email address of the primary contact person of the customer), change the subject or add a personal message.

The checkbox “Edit in Outlook” let’s you choose if you want to send the email directly or open it in Outlook before sending.


In a short while I got email from CRONUS:

Dynamics NAV 2015 email

The PDF document shows the Sales Quote (the Standard Dynamics NAV Sales Quote report):

Dynamics NAV 2015 Sales Quote

This is a good step forward for Dynamics NAV with integration with Office 365. But the functionality is not complete yet. There are several Add-ons available on the market with lots of configurable options like:

  • Setting up different email addresses per customer
  • Automatic send email to a preferred recipient
  • Use email on Purchase Documents and Shipments
  • Customizable (html) email body text

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