Nokia Has No Plans To Release Smartphones


Nokia has stated that there are currently no plans to bring smartphones to market. Rumors appeared several times that Nokia wants to make Android phones, but there is, according to the Finnish company no intention to do so.

On their website, Nokia has released a statement which about the future plans of the company. The company responds to earlier reports which suggested that next year Android smartphones would be brought on the market. The conscious decisions would come from President Mike Wang of Nokia China. According to Nokia itself Wang has not made these statements and he is misquoted.

According to the Finnish company, there are currently no plans to make smartphones. Yet, in recent times several times rumors circulated about new Nokia smartphones. They would run on Android and should come out next year, after ending an agreement with Microsoft. Data on specific devices are never released.

A time ago, Nokia sold the phone branch to Microsoft, which has taken over the smart phone production, including the successful Lumia brand. The remaining part of Nokia is composed of a network and telecom branche, aswell the navigation and map application Here.

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