The Elder Scrolls Blades: Getting Building Materials

The Elder Scrolls Blades Town

The Elder Scrolls Blades is a new Role Playing Game for Mobile Devices made by Bethesda, based on the succes of the Elder Scrolls game Brand. Your goal is to rebuild your hometown while doing quests and jobs. And it’s a nice game for a moment of relaxation.

Rebuilding your home town is one of the most important parts of the game. Buildings give your town prestige and unlocks new buildings and possibilities for crafting.

But soon after you start questing and building houses you will find out that it’s hard to get some of the building materials needed. Particular Limestone and Copper. 

Where to find it?

P.s. Gold is plenty around. In chests, from bandits, goblins, rewards etc. So don’t spend any money on this.


Lumber is the building material which is the easiest to find in The Elder Scrolls Blade. You will get it as reward for Jobs. It will drop from Vases you crush and drops from the Wooden Chests (of which you can get two per Job).


Limestone is harder to find than Lumber, but still doable. You’ll run out of Limestone soon after building a few houses in your Town. The solution to getting enough Limestone is: doing Jobs, over and over again :-).

Limestone drops from Wooden Chests, from Vases and Skeletons during Jobs.


Copper is the building material which is the hardest to find in The Elder Scrolls Blades. You may wonder, when do I ever get enough Copper?

Well: here comes the Silver Chest of which you get too many as Job rewards. Copper drops mainly from those Silver Chests. But not any time, so be patient…

Occasionaly Copper drops from gold chests and I had one occasion where a wooden chest dropped 10! Copper. That was the only time a Wooden Chest contained Copper anyway.

Have any tips to share? Respond down below. I will update this post when new information occurs.

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