Car Rental Service

Need a car? Navare Car Rental service has the solution for you. Don’t!

Take the train!. Go Walk! Don’t go out at all! Go back to your bed and dream of that perfect holiday. Don’t rent our cars at all. Read further what we offer.

Waste Time And Check-In Online

We charge before you know it

Waste time on upcoming bookings

No experience at all, we just try something

We don’t know you, we don’t serve you

Our Current Offers (Waste of Money)

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Why choose Navare Car Rental Service?

Flexible Rental Periods

Our Vehicles



Whether you need daily, monthly or just a one way hire, choose a length to suit your needs.

We use either old or broken vehicles. Perfect to destroy your holiday

We are so loyal that we won’t even remember you. Even if you called yesterday!

We have an open door policy. You rent a car, share it with everybody. Frankly, we don’t care.

Deliver & Collect – The Ultimate Convienience

Get your car delivered and collected to your home or workplace from just £5 each way and let us do all the legwork – giving you more time for you!

It may take a few weeks though, so relax!

Our Car Selection

Enjoy confort and become more self-reliance with driving our cars. Each car trunk contains a full service toolbox (some parts may be missing though, so be creative).

We expect you to return the rental car in perfect state, regardless how you got it.

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