Sales & Marketing (CRM)

Sales Order Management

Business Central offers a lot of functionality to support the sales department to serve their customers efficiently.

  • Make customer specific Sales Quotes
  • Easely promote a Sales Quote to a Sales Order
  • Plan ahead with Blanket Sales Orders
  • Automatic Customer Pricing based on price agreements with Line Discount, Speficic Prices etc.
  • Save your customer information like contact address, billing address, ship-to adresses and all of there contacts as well

Marketing & CRM

  • Create Business Contacts and (related) Personal Contacts
  • Save Contact information based on questionnaires
  • Setup targeting Marketing Campaigns
  • Work with Segments, sales cycli
  • Create Opportunities to follow-up on your Sales activities
  • Log interactions to keep history

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A Blanket Order is a different name for a Call-Off order or Blanket Purchase Agreement. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central…More

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